Metabolomic and Nutritional Course

A practical and tested method for the treatment of chronic problems and to manage patients’ healing phases using an approach based on data from Nutritional Medicine and Metabolomics.

Course Interactivity

Practical Application
of Data

Innovative Method

Program and Contents of the Course:

The first school of nutritional medicine in Europe totally online. Created thank to the experiences of Doctors who have been using clinical Metabolomics for 10 years, Metabolomic Academy was created after 11,000 real cases on which metabolomic studies and new methodologies were used to help human beings achieve higher conditions of health.

Metabolomic Academy is a highly interactive course which encourages you to think and put into practice what you learn thank to a variety of learning materials.


Basic Principles


Micronutrients and Supplements


Basic Nutrition

Categories of Integration

Additional Integrations

The ideal nutrition

The stages of healing

The nutritional medicine

Clinical case

Final test

Diploma of the course

Teacher's name

Dottor Dimitris Tsoukalas​

Dimitris Tzoukalas

Doctor Dimitris Tsoukalas specializes in chronic diseases and metabolic disorders and is one of the few physicians worldwide to have acquired the experience in the clinical application of metabolomics.

He is currently the President of the European Institute of Metabolomic Medicine, a Member of The American College for the Advancement in Medicine, The American College for Advancement in Medicine, Academy of Sciences of New York, Athens Medical Association, The Ordine dei Medici Chirurghi di Treviso Veneto, The Obesity Society (American Society of Obesity) The International Academy of Detoxification Specialists The American Holistic Medicine Association, The American Nutrition Association, The World Anti-Aging Medical Association.
Harvard Medical School Course in Gen. & Internal Medicine for Sub Specialists, GIMSS.

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What will you learn

A practical and tested method for the treatment of chronic problems and to manage patients’ healing phases using an approach based on data from Nutritional Medicine and Metabolomics.

Thanks to the special teaching techniques used in this course and thanks to innovations in science that you will learn, you will be able to identify the categories of integration to which the people belong and you will be given an easy and applicable system to improve the health of your patients

Once you have identified the category of your patient can easily help them by recommending the steps to follow

The effectiveness of this innovative system has been proven in the 11,000 real cases in which the patients have improved their physical condition thank to this approach.

To do all this you will learn the new data on the nutritional medicine that some doctors and scientists from Harvard Medicine School have discovered in recent years

Why you should follow this course?

Following this course will allow you to get updated on the most cutting-edge and innovative methods and discoveries worldwide to improve people’s health. There is a revolution in process in the Nutritional Medicine world and with this course you will be part of it.



Metabolomics is the systematic study of metabolites, that are the end products of the chemical reactions in our body, which vary in relation to the physiological and developmental state of the cell, the tissue, the organ or the organism.

In this way, Metabolomics allows to verify the biochemical condition of the cellular metabolism and to reveal any possible connected disorder.


Frequent questions

No, the course is very practical with lots of interactive tests that will challenge you to check if you have mastered what was taught

Yes, you will receive specific guide-lines to apply the nutritional medicine principles you will learn.

Professional Videos, PDFs, Online Tests, Final Test online with a simulation of a clinical case, Glossary.

No, you can only watch them in streaming, however you will always have access to the course by logging into your account.

Yes, it runs on all devices.

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